1 REIKI SESSIONS 1 レイキ・セッション

Pamper yourself with a private Reiki Session!

If are facing a challenge in your life, or are just feeling tired, Reiki sessions can help you regain vitality and get a better perspective on your situation.

We will talk briefly to focus your intent for the session, and then you will lie down on a massage table fully clothed. I will place my hands gently on or above your body intuitively according to my training as a Reiki master, and as a Clearsight Clairvoyant Healer, and will sense areas that need particular attention. You may feel a warm or tingling sensation as the universal energy flows naturally to you. Your body's innate intelligence directs the energy to where you need it to begin healing past and present pain on the physical, mental or spiritual levels. I emphasize that I am a catalyst, or a conduit of a healing vibration that you effortlessly pull through me. In other words, I am there to assist you in your own healing process.

By the end of the session you will feel pleasantly relaxed, and may even have fallen asleep.
In the days after the session most people notice the beneficial effects of the Reiki healing, and some are surprised at unexpected positive changes in their lives.

Fee: ¥7,000 for one hour and ¥10,000 for 90 minutes. Series tickets for five one-hour sessions are ¥30,000.





2 REIKI COURSES 2 レイキ・コース
Learn to give sessions to yourself and others!

Reiki is a natural hands-on healing technique that is passed on from master to students through a mini-healing or attunement process. The attunements in the first level Reiki course focus on the heart, throat, third eye and crown centers. These short healing sessions help the students become strongly aware of the ki (chi, universal energy, prana) flowing smoothly through their bodies, and out through their hands.

We are living in a sea of universal energy but few of us stop long enough to allow ourselves to truly benefit from this healing vibration. In this class you learn self-treatments to replenish your energy each day. This is a simple set of 12 hand positions that help you pay attention to, and nurture your body, mind and spirit. Most of us abuse our physical selves, not listening to what our bodies are telling us, sometimes until we get ill or have an accident and have no choice but to listen. In Reiki I you also learn to give treatments to friends and family, but the main focus is on personal growth through self-treatments.

I offer private courses because this allows you to work on any personal issues you may have as you learn to give yourself and others the gift of Reiki.

Reiki 1 is a six-hour course (40,000 yen)
Reiki 2 is eight hours (52,000 yen)
Reiki 3 is six hours (40,000 yen)
Reiki Master Level is a 12 hour-course followed by an internship and a 3-hour follow-up. (120,000 yen)

REIKI EXCHANGES at Unicorn Center are open to anyone who has taken a Reiki course with Rosalyn.



私たちは宇宙エネルギーの海の中で暮らしていますが、このいやしのエネルギーを感じることができるほどの時間、立ち止まってみる人はあまりいません。このクラスではセルフ・ヒーリングを学び、毎日自分でエネルギーが満たせるようにします。これはヒーリングの基本12ポジションで、この部位に手を当てることで自分の体や心、精神に注意を払い育んでいく助けとなります。私たちのほとんどが自分の肉体をこき使い、自分の肉体の声に耳を傾けようとしません。時として、病気になったり事故にあったりして始めてその声に耳を傾ける事態を余儀なくされるということがあります。レイキ Iでは他者ヒーリング(友人や家族へのヒーリング)の仕方も学びますが、焦点はセルフ・ヒーリングを通しての自己成長にあります。

レイキ 1 は 6時間で4万円です。
レイキ 2 は8時間で5万2千円です。
レイキ3, マスターレベルも教えています。