Holonic Healing Session
90 minutes (15,000 yen)
90分 (15,000円)
This is an intensive healing session with a focus on a particular issue in your life. As a clairvoyant healer I will help you release energy blocks connected with the situation you are currently facing, and then revitalize your energy field.

We will first sit and work together to pinpoint the intention for the session. Then you will lie face up on the massage table and I will guide you to connect with your authentic feelings, and release the pain that is preventing you from moving forward in your life. You will feel revitalized as you come to see your situation from a broader perspective.



"Holonic" comes from the word "holon" which means "the part represents the whole." This session will help bring clarity to your life as you recognize and integrate the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your situation. ホロニックは「ホロン」という言葉に由来し、「部分は全体を代表する」という意味です。このセッションではあなたが自分の課題の様々な面〔身体的、感情的、精神的〕に気づき、それらを調和させることによって人生が明快で明るくなることを目指します。