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Rosalyn Hagiwara & Unicorn Center ユニコーン・センターとロザリンのプロフィール
1 Services offered  ロザリンってどういう人? 

I practice as a clairvoyant healer, offering you a safe space where we can work together to explore and release any blocks you might have to living a life of fulfillment and joy.

The following is a summary of services I offer at the Unicorn Center. Please click tabs above for further details.

If you have a specific issue in your life that you would like to work through, I would suggest a Holonic Healing. For ongoing self-nurturing, a private or group Reiki Course (click workshops) would be beneficial. You would then be able to give yourself daily treatments to maintain your vitality. You can also use Reiki to help family and friends.

Through a Byron Katie Session or Workshopyou would begin to see how your thoughts about your situation can quite often lead you to suffer far more than what you are actually experiencing. Enquiry into your thoughts can bring amazing freedom from worry.

If you would like to get a picture of your energy, and understand more how you come across to others, I recommend having a Clairvoyant Reading. As I describe your energy in the form of colors and moving pictures, you will gain a clear idea of where the blocks are in your energy field, and can ask specific questions about areas of difficulty in your life.

June 1997 Reiki Master
July 1998 The Radiance Technique Level 3-A
April 1999 Gendai Reiki Master (in Japanese)
June 2000 Mari Mandala Assessment Level 2
Oct 2000 Clearsight Healer
Dec 2000 Clearsight Clairvoyant
April 2001 Quest Art Therapist
June 2002 Avatar Master
March 2003 Avatar Wizard
October 2006 Byron Katie Practitioner

My interest in complementary therapies began in 1994 when I found myself unable to cope with the stress of raising two small children in Japan. I had always been a perfectionist, and done well at school in the U.S., and as a bilingual businesswoman in Japan. However, I found that I couldn’t face the chaotic days and nights of motherhood, and was surprised at my extreme impatience and anger

When I went to the doctor with a series of physical complaints, she offered me a tranquilizer, saying it would be all right for me to take it the rest of my life. It was at that moment I realized I needed to take action, and somehow learn to relax.

I attended a guided meditation class. Then I took a course on Reiki hands-on-healing, and eventually became a Reiki Master, qualified to teach Reiki to others. As I slowed down and began to become more aware of my words and actions, I saw how I had always played a victim role, blaming my parents and others for any situation I faced that didn’t meet my high expectations. This was the beginning of a quest for self acceptance that would take me to many fascinating workshops in Japan, America, and England.

Although I started my training to find inner peace, early on I had a strong urge to share what I’d learned with others. I opened the Unicorn Center in my home from 1997, and taught Reiki while continuing on my own path of personal growth.

I moved the Unicorn Center to a cozy healing room near Ogikubo in 2003, and continue to enjoy encouraging others along their paths of self-discovery.







Rosalyn Hagiwara

 What is the objective of the UNICORN CENTER? 2 ユニコーンセンターが目指す目的は?
The UNICORN CENTER is a safe, confidential space where you can come to nurture and energize yourself. It is a place where you can step back and look at issues in your life from a wider perspective, finding response patterns that you are ready to release. As you take time for yourself, you will begin to recognize the interconnectedness of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. You will gain the courage and confidence you need to discover your own truth, and make the changes in your life that are right for you.

As you work toward self acceptance and inner peace, your relationships will naturally improve, and this will contribute to a more peaceful world.


3 Why UNICORN?  ユニコーンの名前の由来は?
The UNICORN is a mystical creature, but has the body of a horse. In other words, it is magical, yet also reminds us of an actual living animal. It is known as a symbol of purity, hope, love and majesty. I selected the UNICORN to represent the center because I strongly believe that grounding and practicality is of vital importance in any healing work.

The UNICORN CENTER mark represents the horn of a UNICORN, but also signifies our spiral path of self-awareness. At times it can be discouraging when it seems we are facing the same issue yet again. However, as we continue to look honestly at ourselves and our relationships, we gradually become able to see situations from a higher, broader perspective.